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Changing Spark Plugs – F200/F225

Spark Plug Replacement

Step 1. Be careful with this high dollar cowling!

Step 2. There are three latches that hold the cowling down. One on each side and one in the front. Flip them up.

Step 3. Lift the cowling upward until you clear half of the motor, then tilt it aft and remove it.

Step 4. Remove the plastic cover from the rear of the engine. There are four screws, 2 on each side, one up top and one below.

Step 5. Pull all of the spark plug wires off and remove each plug.

Step 6. Before installing the new plugs, apply some anti-seize grease to the threads and some silicone grease (boot lube) to the porcelain area. This ensures the boots will come off easy next time, and the plugs will come out easy.

Step 7. Install the new spark plugs and connect the plug wires.Oder them now from

Step 8. Re-install the plastic cover on the rear of the engine. Be sure to use some anti-seize on the bolts.

Step 9. Carefully reinstall the cowling.

You’re done !!


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